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Hatcountry's Men's Shop has everything the modern man needs for work, play, and more. You'll find a variety of hats, shoes and boots from leading manufacturers, clothing for work and play and accessories with western flair. From the dawn of time, men's fashion has been a form of expression; shape your own personal styles with the western looks of Hatcountry.


A woman’s style is constantly evolving, changing with fashion trends and the seasons. At Hatcountry you will find everything that the modern day woman needs to look and feel her best at work and play. Whether off to the rodeo in a new cowboy hat and boot, or dressed in the finest women’s hat and accessories for tea in the city with close friends, Hatcountry has you covered.


Children love playing dress up. They look up to you and want to be just like you. Your little cowboy or young business executive will be cute as a button in one of our fantastic Cowboy Hats, Fedoras, or Flat Caps. Add a new shirt and pair of cowboy boots, moccasins, or snow boot for a fantastic look head to toe. Finish it all off with some accessories. Maybe a new belt or gallop stick horse.


Hats are head coverings worn by men, women, and children that over history have served many purposes, from describing a person’s social stature, to protecting against the elements, and, of course, as a fashion statement.

One of the first known paintings of a hat appears in an ancient Thebes tomb where a man is depicted in a coolie straw hat. Other recognizable hats such as skullcaps date back to Greek and Roman times. Women wore veils, hoods, and caps. Men's structured hats quickly followed. Women were wearing similar structured hats by the late 16th century.

Out of the Italian city of Milan came the term “Milliner” in the 18th century. Traditionally a woman's occupation, milliners created hats with the finest fabrics and trim.

Over the years hats have changed with times, meeting the needs and fashion trends of the period. Today there are an endless variety of hats available from cowboy hats and fedoras to women's sun hats and winter beanies.


Boots are a specific type of footwear that continues up the leg to add protection, support, and style. They have been used through out history by military and civilians, men, women, and children. Originally crafted out of natural hides, today’s boots are available in genuine cowhide leather, authentic exotic skins , rubber, sheepskin, and a number of other materials. Boots are designed for a number of purposes including riding, ranch work, construction work , insulation, and fashion.

At Hatcountry you will find a wide variety of boots for different purposes as well as other footwear. We carry a large selection of shoes, sandals, moccasins, and slippers that complement our huge boot selection.


Clothes may just be the ultimate decoration for your own body and you have come to the right place. Amazing Leather jackets, striking shirts, vests and pants, oh my! Hatcountry has it all; from Outback Trading for the outdoors to Scully for the traditional cowboy to bolder looks from Panhandle Slim
to Rock and Roll Cowgirl and even Resistol’s signature apparel line, Hatcountry is sure to please you with your apparel tastes and needs. Your next order from Hatcountry will leave you looking great for that first date or that night on the town with your pals. Be sure to check out our new products, we're sure you will find something you cannot live without! While you're dressing up your wardrobe, remember we offer the largest selection of Cowboy Hats and an outrageous Cowboy boot selection, too!


An outfit isn't an outfit without any accessories. From jewelry to hatbands, Hatcountry has everything you need to make your ensemble your own. You won't be cold in winter with one of our scarves protecting your neck from the wind. No need to worry about wind taking your favorite gus crown cowboy hat after you receive one of our attachable chin straps. But here at Hatcountry, accessories don't even have to be worn. Got an aspiring cowpoke? We have Western-themed stuffed animals and toys for your youngest kiddos. And check back for gift and home items to turn your house into a country haven.

Shop Hatcountry for all your accessory needs, and don't forget to check back – our stock is always changing.


Who needs the mall when there's Hatcountry's own outlets right here on the web? All your favorite hats, boots, apparel, and accessories are right here for knockout prices. Stock and sizes in these items is extremely limited and they go fast, so don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. The good news is, we're always getting more closeouts. On any given day you may find the very last of the discontinued hats you've been searching for or the belt you were going to order anyway.

So check back often – you never know what you might find in Hatcountry's outlet shops. Just remember – all sales in our outlet section are final.

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Brand Spotlight

Bailey of Hollywood Hats

Bailey or bust. Bailey of Hollywood, crafting fine headwear since 1922, has created its own standard of only producing the highest quality products. From traditional and modern fedoras and derby hats to fashion-forward beanies, aviators, and more, there's something for everyone from Bailey of Hollywood. All of Bailey's products are made with the finest materials - luxurious furs, full-grain leathers, genuine Panama straws, and virgin wool from Texas - and then finished to precise specifications. Bailey Hats have been worn by generations of stars from Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart to modern heart throb Ian Somerholder. But keep an eye out, once you start noticing them it's easy to spot them in magazines, on the big screen, and even next to you at the grocery store.

Bailey of Hollywood is a proud member of American Made Matters. Look for the words “Made in the USA” in their hats' descriptions for a homegrown product!

Bailey Western Hats

Don't let your fashion get as cold as a wagon tire. Keep up with modern cowboy hat trends with Bailey Western! A customer favorite - and a Hatcountry favorite too - Bailey Western hats are a perfect choice whether you’re hitting the dusty trail to explore the great outdoors, or just hitting the dance floor to practice your Texas two-step! Made of quality materials, including luscious furs, Texas-raised sheep's wool, and genuine straws, Bailey Western is an affordable brand with high caliber craftsmanship.

Bailey Western is a proud member of American Made Matters. Look for the words “Made in the USA” in their hats' descriptions for a homegrown product!

Barmah Hats

Australian leather with hand-finished touches completed right in the USA, Barmah hats are a purchase to be proud of! Sturdy hats built to last, Barmah's outdoor-ready styles can withstand mud, rain, or just about anything else that comes its way. Also offering durable cloth hats with or without meshing, Barmah hats are ready for whatever adventure awaits. Fashionable and functional, Barmah hats offer sun protection, warmth, and style that can be depended on!

Betmar New York Hats and Acc.

Certain hat designs never go out of style, and that's why Betmar has continued a long tradition of crafting a combination of modern and throwback styles to meet the needs of today's women. Cloches and sun hats, fedoras and caps, Betmar's affordable hats have something for everyone - bold, subtle, dressy, and casual. Established in 1933, Betmar has had more than eight decades to perfect their technique, blending fashion and function.

Not limited to hats, Betmar also offers seasonal bags, scarves, and accessories.

Part of American Made Matters, select Betmar styles are proudly made in the oldest factory in the USA! Look for the “Made in the USA” designation in their descriptions.

Bullhide by Montecarlo Hat Co.

Ranging from dependable and traditional to fun and different, Bullhide by Montecarlo Hats has hundreds of affordable styles that appeal to cowboys and cowgirls of every age! A full line of children's hats get the same attention to detail as their adult counterparts. Colorful straws, imaginative wools, and luscious leathers are just some of the designs found in Bullhide's repertoire. From classic straw styles to whimsical appliques and glow-in-the-dark prints, it's impossible not to find what you're looking for in the Bullhide by Montecarlo line.

Bullhide is also home to the popular signature hat collections from country stars Justin Moore and Terri Clark. Their exclusive collections feature styles for summer and winter in an array of looks that will appeal to more than just their mega-fans. Each special collection item includes custom details.

Western in heart and soul, the Bullhide brand uses techniques passed down from father to son to create cowboy hats for the new generations.

Charlie 1 Horse Cowboy Hats

Charlie 1 Horse hats stand out! These remarkable hats often include intricate and fun twists on the traditional cowboy hat. Offering a variety of styles that include Old West and Modern western styles, funky fedoras, and crushables, Charlie 1 Horse has been perfecting their designs since being founded in 1978. Signature lines include that of NASCAR king of the road Richard Petty, known almost as much for his intricate hats as his driving skills! Photogenic and eye-catching, Charlie 1 Horse hats have also been donned by Hank Williams, Jr. and Kid Rock and been featured on the pages on Vogue, Playboy, and Cowboys & Indians. Whether you are core country or a rock and roll rebel, they’ve got you covered.

Each hat comes with a signature Charlie 1 Horse brand.

Please note, many Charlie 1 Horse hats are production items and may take 4-7 weeks to be hand crafted.

Dingo Boots

Express your active lifestyle down to your toes with a beautiful pair of Dingo Boots by Dan Post. Launched in the early 1970s, Dingo has maintained the feel of that fashion- and socially-conscious generation, while staying in tune with the demand of today’s Western wear fans. These fashionable western boots come in an array of styles with fashion, walking, and traditional heels, as well as a variety of toe options to suit your needs. Hatcountry is proud to carry the Dingo line, which includes everything from traditional and pigskin leather boots with conch embellishments to styles for men with slouched shafts and toe rands. Dingo also carries a variety of biker boots for men and women, which can come with plain or decorated harnesses and special details. There’s a different style for every taste—and at least one for every outfit!

Farm Boy - Farm Girl

Established by two Midwestern farm boys who grew up to become a talented graphic artist and salesman, respectively, the Farm Boy-Farm Girl line is based on their nostalgia for getting knee deep and dirty down at the farm. Their fun and unique products speak to anyone who has a rural upbringing and who knows what an early morning really is. But don't think Farm Boy-Farm Girl is all about overalls and flannels (though who doesn't love a good flannel?). These great designs are modern and appeal to an array of generations, incorporating quips and puns, intricate farm scenes, and other aspects of rural life (off-roading, anyone?). Offering a range of clothing options, from ball caps and beanies to T-shirts and sweatshirts, Farm Boy-Farm Girl makes it easy to show off farm-life pride.

Helen Kaminski Hats and Acc.

The Helen Kaminski Collection is crafted from natural materials using extreme skill and treasured time-honored tradition. The line supports the blending of practical products and sophisticated, sexy, and fashionable details for a collection of must-have styles. Helen Kaminski makes use of only the finest natural products and finishes each item with a raffia seed hat pin to mark its quality. Raffias from Madagascar, finely finished virgin wools, each Helen Kaminski product is crafted with an exquisite attention to detail that leaves nothing to chance.


Get your HOOey! Although we all love and rely on our cowboy hats, there are times when a ball cap sure could come in handy. For those occasions we turn to our HOOey ball caps. They’re durable, stylish, and an excellent alternative to a standard cowboy hat. Western and rural lifestyles influence HOOey's ball cap designs, with a few other All-American styles thrown in for good measure.

Worn by some of the toughest men and women on and off today’s rodeo circuit, HOOey is a name you can trust. The HOOey team consists of some of the top athletes in the sport, such as Jacob Crawley, Dusty “Tuck” Tuckness, Caleb Smidt, and Lauren Cox. Not enough proof HOOey is the name of the tough-as-nails game? Other professional athletes sporting HOOey include champion fighter Otavio Sousa and professional wake boarder Josh Janysek.

Indiana Jones Hats

Since it made its first splash on the screen in 1981, no other hat has retained the fanatic popularity as that of the Indiana Jones fedora. Worn by Harrison Ford in the original series of movies, and then reprising its role in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles with Sean Patrick Flannery, just try looking at one of these officially licensed replica hats and not getting the theme song stuck in your head. The iconic fedora was designed specifically for the adventurer that won over the hearts of so many, but now the official Indiana Jones collection allows tykes and adults alike to make waves in their own adventures, no matter how big or small. Cloth, wool, and fur options allow for a variety of choice, though all are based on specific looks from the film series. Keep an eye out for crushable and water repellent styles for ultimate durability even in harsh conditions.

An Indiana Jones fedora is a fun and practical addition to your wardrobe, makes for a great costume, and is a super gift for fans of the movie. Don’t settle for anything less than the authentic and original licensed Indiana Jones hat when you want to show someone how much you appreciate their sense of adventure.


Jacaru Australia makes every product like it has to stand up to the Land Down Under's harshest climates. Established in 1969, Jacaru has come to craft some of the most trusted, durable, and reliable leather hats in the world.

Each hat is crafted in Australia, with many aspects being hand-completed to ensure each piece has as much attention to detail and reaches the same standards as the one previous. Jacaru uses only the highest quality materials, including exotic leathers such as kangaroo, ostrich, and buffalo. Further, each item will hold up to the conditions they may meet; after all, what is the point of an outback hat if it won't survive the Australian Outback?

Each Jacaru product is unique. Varying colors and markings found naturally on your leather Jacaru product means that no one else has one just like it. Every leather Jacaru hat is water resistant, has UV protective properties, and will resist abrasions.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel, the man surrounded in legend, established Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey in 1866. Now the oldest registered distillery in the U.S., it has made quite a following for itself. Officially licensed by Jack Daniel's, this headwear collection holds an array of styles, including western and cowboy, ball caps, fedoras, and more. Better yet, with canvas, straw, wool, and other material options, there are hats for every season.

Made with the same dedication to quality as their whiskey, these hats come in so many varieties that everyone can find the perfect hat to show off their love of Jack Daniel's. So when you're searching for that same smooth, classic feel in your headwear that you look for in your whiskey, you can find the answer under the same name: Jack Daniel's.

JACK DANIEL'S and OLD NO 7 are registered trademarks. Your friends at Jack Daniel's remind you to drink responsibly. For sale to adults of legal drinking age.

Justin Boots Hats / Accessories

H.J. Justin entered the boot business in 1879 after he left his hometown of Lafayette, Indiana and moved to Texas. Already an established boot repairer, he quickly began his own boot company out of his home. It became a family affair in 1908 when his sons joined the company. By 1910, Justin boots were being sold in 26 states, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba for $11 a pair. From then on out, Justin has only grown, picking up new lines and expanding their fan base everywhere they turn. Their line of western wear products has expanded since the early days to include wallets, belts, clothing, buckles, sandals, and, of course, more boots.

Kangol Hats

A company proud of its history, Kangol has headed the way for modern and heritage headwear since its incorporation in 1938. Founded in Northwest England and then traveling across the Atlantic to the United States, Kangol has become one of the easiest to recognize brands on either side of the pond. Recognizable for its kangaroo logo, Kangol hats have been worn by the likes of '60s music greats The Beatles, to contemporary celebrities like Brad Pitt and Eminem. Award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson was even such a fan of the brand that he and Kangol have teamed up to create the Samuel L. Jackson signature line, which features flat caps and brimmed hats for golf, plus athletic shirts and more.

Hatcountry is excited to bring our customers Kangol’s blend of quality materials, craftsmanship and a total commitment to setting contemporary style trends. Available in styles for men, women, and children, these sporty fun styles range from acrylic beanie caps to baseball caps to traditional designs like flat caps and fedoras.

Explore all of Kangol's distinct hat lines today. They'll look good on you.

Minnetonka Moccasin

The term moccasin has become almost synonymous with Minnetonka due to more than 60 years of family-owned excellence. Instantly recognizable, these unequaled moccasins are popular from the Big Apple to Hollywood and beyond. From knee-high fringe boots to Thunderbird pattern slip-ons, and sandals to plush-lined slippers, Minnetonka offers a full range of footwear for men, women, and children in both traditional and modern moccasin designs. Fans of this iconic American brand know that whatever shoe they choose will be comfortable, stylish, and made from only the best glove-tanned leathers. Minnetonka is committed to providing the best product possible while incorporating the company's free-spirited heritage with the trends of today's world.

Resistol Cowboy Hats

“Resist all weather” is the name of the game at Resistol, a western hat brand that has made its name and gathered a wide fan base for itself by producing high quality products in traditional styles cowboys love. Established in the 1920s, Resistol's mission has remained unchanged since day one: produce the best. Many of Resistol's styles are hand-produced right in Garland, Texas (look for the production item decal on the product page), and are made with only Grade-A materials. Each hat must pass a multi-step inspection to ensure it is up to Resistol's standards.

Due to this commitment to quality, Resistol has been worked with many stars to create signature lines. Some collections include those of Jason Aldean, country superstar, the retro styles of the John Wayne line, and the Tuff Hedeman line, crafted with the champion bull rider.

Please note, due to the high quality and delicate hand-made nature of these styles, production items will take 4-7 weeks to be produced.

Scala Hats

A testament to the staying power of headwear, Scala Hats crafts classic and timeless designs alongside a fresh approach to modern style. Three distinct lines - Classico, Collezione, and Western - produce something for everyone; their designs are made to cover any occasion, from work to vacation, from daytime to nighttime, holidays to special events. Styles for men and women create a well-rounded repertoire that Scala only seeks to improve time and time again.

Stetson Cowboy Hats

A name synonymous with the cowboy lifestyle, Stetson is perhaps the best known cowboy hat manufacturer in the world. Highlighted in television and movies all over the world, and exhibited on the heads of the rich and famous, and the guy next door, Stetson's influence is far reaching.

Established in 1865, the legacy of John B. Stetson lives on in the company's dedication to quality and style. Many of Stetson's products are crafted right in Texas with hand detailing of the highest caliber. Each Stetson hat must pass a stringent inspection stage before being shipped out to their devoted customers. An essential part of Western culture, Stetsons are more than just a fashion statement - they are still relied upon by ranchers across the US and North America to protect them from the elements.

Stetson hats are made with only the highest quality materials, ranging from raffia straw hats in their outdoor collection, to crushable soft wool felt for autumn, and even American bison fur blends. Indulge your need for luxury with one of Stetson's premium fur hats. Whether seeking a style for every day wear or for that extra-special occasion, Stetson has a style for you.

Hat Country is a certified Stetson retailer. Please note, due to the hand-detailed nature of many of these products, production items will take approximately 4-7 weeks to be produced.

Wrangler Hats

You were introduced to Wrangler through their incredible jeans, so you should know that Wrangler Hats are built to last. These cowboy hats are made of only the best materials, often being produced with hand shaped details right in Texas. Hardworking and fashionable, too, Wrangler Hats are built for the chaos of modern life, but reflect the trends of slower times. With more than 100 years of knowledge under their belts, Wrangler continually produces a hat line with staying power.

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