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Backcountry - Backpack

Product Details

Key Features:
  • • World War II Retro Style
  • • Pre-Washed Canvas
  • • Several Pockets
  • • 18" x 14" x 6"

The Backcountry backpack style is very similar to those that were used in World War II and is made for everyday use. This backpack was made slightly larger than those used in World War I and were given quite a few more pockets. This modern day european style backpack is pre-washed canvas and is available in olive. Each leather strap on this backpack has a snap and is removable.
The front features two leather buckle straps keeping the front pocket closed. Underneath that pocket is a wide pocket that would be perfect for holding pens, pencils or even a stylus. On each side, there is a leather buckle snap strap to keep the pocket closed which could fit your cell phone or some snacks, perfectly.
The top of this backpack has two 3" leather snaps straps that are removed very easily, or kept on. The top flap is velcro and the opening has a zipper closure for extra safety of your items. The inside of this backpack is a nylon lining with a small zipper pocket to place small valuables.
Behind the top flap of the backpack is a canvas handle leading to two mesh shoulder straps that are adjustable. Finally, if you don't want your items moving around too much inside your Backcountry backpack, you can tighten the width of the bag at the bottom with two adjustable straps. This backpack is perfect for campers, bicyclists, fishermen, hikers, students, or someone looking for a retro style backpack with lots of room.

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Founded in 1992, Eurosport has created a collection of bags that are rugged and affordable. Their collection of pre-washed canvas bags are designed with fashion and practicality in mind.