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Watches and Jewelry

Steer skull pendants to turquoise, Western style jewelry looks great on everyone – from child to adult, man and woman. Handcrafted genuine silver watches with genuine turquoise or onyx accents make a wonderful anniversary gift for your significant other (or even a present to yourself!). Oversized crosses with matching earrings will make a statement with special occasion formal wear. Men will love our sterling silver money clips and men's watches.
Accessorizing is the key to any outfit, and with Hatcountry's selection of jewelry for men, women, and children, there will surely be something for everyone.

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Gummow Lauren - Necklace Gummow Lauren - Necklace $599.00 0-2 weeks
Gummow Barbara - Necklace Gummow Barbara - Necklace $312.00 0-2 weeks
Gummow Bethany - Necklace Gummow Bethany - Necklace $289.00 0-2 weeks
Gummow Danielle - Necklace Gummow Danielle - Necklace $235.00 0-2 weeks
Gummow Nancy - Necklace Gummow Nancy - Necklace $189.00 0-2 weeks
Gummow Hillary - Necklace Gummow Hillary - Necklace $183.00 0-2 weeks
Gummow Carla - Necklace Gummow Carla - Necklace $160.00 0-2 weeks
Nocona Icy Hoop - Earrings Nocona Icy Hoop - Earrings $19.98 1-4 weeks
Nocona True - Bracelet Nocona True - Bracelet $20.00 1-4 weeks
Nocona Grace - Jewelry Set Nocona Grace - Jewelry Set $25.00 1-4 weeks
Nocona Pristine - Earrings Nocona Pristine - Earrings $24.98 1-4 weeks
Nocona Sylvia - Earrings Nocona Sylvia - Earrings $14.98 1-4 weeks
Gummow Maggie - Earrings Gummow Maggie - Earrings $259.00 0-2 weeks
Gummow Eleanor - Earrings Gummow Eleanor - Earrings $66.00 0-2 weeks
Nocona Montana - Necklace Nocona Montana - Necklace $19.00 1-4 weeks

Displaying 0-20 of 64 results Sort by: View: