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Leather Cowgirl Boots

Traditionally associated with the American West, leather cowgirl boots are a large part of country western attire. Ranchers, rodeo athletes, country singers, dancers, and western enthusiast wear them.

This style of boot was first fabricated by boot makers in the cattle ranching region of the US. Some of the first prototype boots were fabricated by H. J. "Big Daddy Joe" Justin of Justin Boots and Charles Hyer of Hyer Brothers Boots.

For an easy dismount, these boots were originally designed with treadless soles. Their tall shafts in place of laces, allowed a riders foot to easily slide out without being dragged, should he fall from his horse. Later working boots were designed with added traction treads. This created a more comfortable boot for in the barn. As the boots gained in popularity the style has evolved, becoming more ornate and specialized for different uses, but the basic design has stayed more or less the same over the years.

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