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Caps come in all sorts of colors, styles, and materials and are used for a variety of purposes. Dress Caps date back to the 14th century, were they were worn throughout Northern England and parts of Southern Italy. As Europeans began to immigrate to the United States they brought their caps with them. It quickly gained in popularity in the States. By the 19th century the working class universally wore flat caps and by the 1920s fashionable men everywhere were wearing flat caps. Today dress caps including flat caps, 8/4 caps, deeto caps and fisherman caps are popular fashion accessories worn by men and women.

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Stetson Ridge - Flat Cap Stetson Ridge - Flat Cap $33.98 0-2 weeks
Stetson Phaze - Flat Cap Stetson Phaze - Flat Cap $66.98 0-2 weeks
Stetson Hatteras - 8/4 Cap Stetson Hatteras - 8/4 Cap $124.98 0-2 weeks
Stetson Argus - Flat Cap Stetson Argus - Flat Cap $60.98 0-2 weeks
Stetson Bandera - Flat Cap Stetson Bandera - Flat Cap $114.98 0-2 weeks
Kangol Cork Cap - Flat Cap Kangol Cork Cap - Flat Cap $48.00 0-2 weeks
Stetson Jace - Flat Cap Stetson Jace - Flat Cap $32.98 0-2 weeks
Woolrich Arkansas - Ascot Cap Woolrich Arkansas - Ascot Cap $30.58 ($35.98) 0-2 weeks
Bailey Donlon - Flat Cap Bailey Donlon - Flat Cap $55.00 0-2 weeks
Bailey Lormer - Flat Cap Bailey Lormer - Flat Cap $55.00 0-2 weeks

Displaying 0-20 of 188 results Sort by: View: