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Fedora Hats

Until recently, fedora hats were mostly worn by men. This style of hat is typically creased lengthwise down the front with a pinch in the front, sometimes referred to as a teardrop crown. Other typical fedora crown shapes include the center dent and diamond crown. It has a narrow brim, that may snap down in front. Its brim is typically narrow.
During the era of Prohibition / Gangster era the fedora gained popularity. In the 1950's it became associated with Hollywood glam and has been widely worn by celebrities since then.
In recent years there has been a Fedora revival and it has again gained popularity. Many celebrities and musician of today are wearing these trendy hats. It has been transformed in recent years. Today's fedora comes in a variety of colors and trims.

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Scala Havana - Straw Fedora Hat Scala Havana - Straw Fedora Hat $33.98 ($53.98) 0-2 weeks

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