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Mens Hat Bands

If you've ever heard the old American expression “tighter than Dick's hat band” to refer to something stingy or well-locked, you may be surprised to learn that it probably isn't referring to the type of cloth, leather, or beaded hat bands Hatcountry offers to adorn your favorite cowboy hat. According to some accounts, Dick is actually Richard Cromwell, the second Lord Protector of England in the 1650s, and his “hat band” was his metaphorical crown, which he found to be too tight, figuratively at least. His reign was short-lived, but his name lived on in this well-loved Southern idiom.
Don't worry about Hatcountry's selection of men's hat bands being too tight for you, though. Fitting most adult sized cowboy hats, our banding is a convenient and affordable way to customize your hat.

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