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Mens Cowboy Boots

Though there is no one inventor credited for the advent of the cowboy boot, history generally tells us that they appeared shortly after the Civil War. Cattle drivers at the time realized the boots they wore just weren't cutting it. A heel was designed to keep their feet from slipping through stirrups on rough terrain, a higher shaft was added for support and protection from thorns, biting snakes, and twisted ankles. The boots were made to get dirty, had no laces to tie, and were basic in design. Embellishments and customized preferences were eventually added, and now today cowboy boots come in dozens of styles, various toe shapes, heel and shaft heights, and more.
Hatcountry's selection of men's cowboy boots feature a wide range of boot styles fit for riding, biking, working, or just plain looking good. Our options include everything from round toes to snip toes, classic and roper styles.

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