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Mens Flat Caps

Known by many names including ivy caps, scally caps, dai caps, and driver caps; Flat caps are the height of men’s fashion. They’re fabricated from a soft flexible fabric, sitting flat on the crown of the head with a stiff bill. Wool, tweed, and cotton are the most commonly used fabrics. Other not as common fabrics include leather and linen. Some caps are accentuated with a single button on top of its crown.
Flat caps have been a popular style since the 1920’s. Today these caps have seen a resurge in popularity. They are a fantastic alternative to the more casual ball cap, when you’re looking to clean up your look a little but keep the same level of comfort. Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake and George Clooney, and numerous other celebrities have known to top off their outfits with a flat cap.

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