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Mens Fur Cowboy Hats

The archetypal cowboy hat is composed of a tall crown creased down the center with dents and broad brim that is shaped for sun protection. Fur cowboy hats are crafted in a similar fashion from the finest fur blends for a soft to the touch durable hat. Each fur blend is assigned an “X” rating, unique to the individual manufacturer, to rates the blend. As the “X” number increases, the fur pile’s feel is softer and it becomes easier to steam and shape.
A combination of wool felt, rabbit fur, and beaver fur are used in the fabrication of these hats. As the quality of the blend increases the wool felt content decreases and the rabbit fur and beaver fur ratios increase. The highest quality is 100% Beaver, which is not always given an “X” rating. Some hats are blended with other furs, such as Buffalo fur; to increase the hats water repellence.

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