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Mens Porkpie Hats

Identifiable by its cylindrical crown that is flat on top, Porkpie hats are a type of fedora hat that is sometimes referred to as a telescope crown. Fabricated from a number of materials including straw, felt, or cloth, the porkpie’s crown is lower than other fedora hats. It is usually about 3 1/2” tall. A continues crease around the circumference of crown adds detail, making it appear as if the center of the flat crown is popping upward.
This hat’s popularity first took off in the 1930’s and has gained in popularity ever since. The origin of this hat dates back to before the American Civil War. The name of this hat comes from the traditional English dish, pork pie, which it resembles. The fact that this hat was originally worn in the color brown added to the likeness.
Often worn by Jazz and Blues musicians, many other famous men have been known to sport this look. One of the most iconic American architects ever, Frank Lloyd Wright, topped off his look with a porkpie. Actors Buster Kaeton and Johnny Depp have added to its popularity.

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