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Charlie 1 Horse Cowboy Hats

Charlie 1 Horse hats stand out! These remarkable hats often include intricate and fun twists on the traditional cowboy hat. Offering a variety of styles that include Old West and Modern western styles, funky fedoras, and crushables, Charlie 1 Horse has been perfecting their designs since being founded in 1978. Signature lines include that of NASCAR king of the road Richard Petty, known almost as much for his intricate hats as his driving skills! Photogenic and eye-catching, Charlie 1 Horse hats have also been donned by Hank Williams, Jr. and Kid Rock and been featured on the pages on Vogue, Playboy, and Cowboys & Indians. Whether you are core country or a rock and roll rebel, they’ve got you covered.

Each hat comes with a signature Charlie 1 Horse brand.

Please note, many Charlie 1 Horse hats are production items and may take 4-7 weeks to be hand crafted.

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