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Indiana Jones Hats

Since it made its first splash on the screen in 1981, no other hat has retained the fanatic popularity as that of the Indiana Jones fedora. Worn by Harrison Ford in the original series of movies, and then reprising its role in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles with Sean Patrick Flannery, just try looking at one of these officially licensed replica hats and not getting the theme song stuck in your head. The iconic fedora was designed specifically for the adventurer that won over the hearts of so many, but now the official Indiana Jones collection allows tykes and adults alike to make waves in their own adventures, no matter how big or small. Cloth, wool, and fur options allow for a variety of choice, though all are based on specific looks from the film series. Keep an eye out for crushable and water repellent styles for ultimate durability even in harsh conditions.

An Indiana Jones fedora is a fun and practical addition to your wardrobe, makes for a great costume, and is a super gift for fans of the movie. Don’t settle for anything less than the authentic and original licensed Indiana Jones hat when you want to show someone how much you appreciate their sense of adventure.

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