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Jacaru Australia makes every product like it has to stand up to the Land Down Under's harshest climates. Established in 1969, Jacaru has come to craft some of the most trusted, durable, and reliable leather hats in the world. Each hat is crafted in Australia, with many aspects being hand-completed to ensure each piece has as much attention to detail and reaches the same standards as the one previous. Jacaru uses only the highest quality materials, including exotic leathers such as kangaroo, ostrich, and buffalo. Further, each item will hold up to the conditions they may meet; after all, what is the point of an outback hat if it won't survive the Australian Outback? Each Jacaru product is unique. Varying colors and markings found naturally on your leather Jacaru product means that no one else has one just like it. Every leather Jacaru hat is water resistant, has UV protective properties, and will resist abrasions.

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