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Santana by Carlos Santana

"As an artist, I am inspired by style, color and passion. I have found that it is wonderful to celebrate those qualities - which I express in my music - through fashion. Like music, that's something that everyone can relate to." Carlos Santana

The Carlos Santana Collection, inspired by and created with the musical genius himself, encourages everyone to Live Your Light. These unique styles reflect the passions of the Grammy winner, who prides himself in creating art through music. This musical art is then embodied in these bright, closely detailed, and well-crafted styles. Like his music, the hats in the Carlos Santana line go beyond a single generation or genre; the line calls to anyone who wants something just a little different, a little more funky, a touch retro, or even a little out of this world. These hats are all distinctively Santana. It's easy to see why year after year, the Carlos Santana Collection is so sought after by fans and non-fans alike.

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