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Mens Scarves

Scarves are as much a fashion piece for men as they are for women, so while you're out shoveling snow or just generally trying to stay warm in winter weather, you may as well look well-dressed doing it. With Hatcountry's men's scarf collection, you can't choose wrong. From Kangol's more casual scarves, available in plaid, rib knit, and wool blend styles, to Helen Kaminski's high end fashion scarves, we offer a scarf for every occasion.
Hatcountry's men's scarves will keep you comfortable, whether you are battling a Duluth, Minnesota cold snap like in 1996, when more than 160 hours went by without the temperature rising above 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or a slightly unpleasant chill in the evening air in New Orleans, where the average low temperature in January is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

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