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Hat Size
Brim Size
Scala Grace - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Grace - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Grace - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Grace - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Grace - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Grace - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Flora - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Cellara - Women's Cloche Hat
Scala Josie - Womens Cloche Hat

Church Hats FAQ

What are church hats called?

Church hats are often referred to as "church crowns." These hats are typically straw hats or fascinators adorned with various embellishments such as sequins, feathers, lace, tulle, or ribbons. Church crowns can vary widely in their structure, color, and complexity, offering a range of styles to suit individual preferences and occasions.

What is the significance of wearing hats to church?

Wearing hats to church holds cultural and historical significance in many communities and has been a tradition for generations. Here are some aspects of the significance of wearing hats to church:

  1. Respect and Reverence: Wearing a hat to church is often seen as a sign of respect and reverence for the sacredness of the church environment and the religious service taking place. It symbolizes humility and acknowledgment of the presence of a higher power.
  2. Tradition and Custom: In many cultures and religious traditions, wearing hats to church is a longstanding custom passed down through generations. It reflects cultural norms and serves as a way to honor tradition and uphold cultural heritage.
  3. Expression of Faith: For some individuals, wearing a hat to church is a personal expression of their faith and devotion to religious practices. It can signify a commitment to religious values and beliefs, as well as a sense of belonging to a faith community.
  4. Modesty and Decorum: In certain religious contexts, wearing a hat to church is associated with modesty and decorum. It can be seen as a way to maintain proper attire and appearance during religious gatherings, in line with religious teachings and guidelines.
  5. Symbol of Status and Identity: Historically, wearing elaborate hats to church was often a symbol of social status, wealth, or affiliation with a particular group or community. Hats were adorned with various embellishments to signify one's identity and standing within society.
  6. Cultural and Fashion Statement: In addition to its religious significance, wearing hats to church can also be a cultural and fashion statement. It allows individuals to express their personal style, creativity, and individuality through their choice of headwear.
What are some popular styles of church hats?

Some popular styles of church hats include:

  1. Wide Brim Hats: These hats feature broad, sweeping brims that provide ample coverage for the face, neck, and shoulders. They often come in classic shapes like picture hats or cartwheel hats and can be adorned with embellishments such as flowers, bows, or feathers.
  2. Fascinators: Fascinators are small, decorative headpieces often adorned with feathers, flowers, or intricate designs. They are typically worn at an angle on the head and are popular for their elegant and sophisticated appearance.
  3. Pillbox Hats: Pillbox hats are small, round hats with a flat crown and straight, upright sides. They were popularized in the 1960s and are often worn tilted slightly forward on the head. Pillbox hats can be embellished with veils, bows, or beading for added flair.
  4. Cloche Hats: Cloche hats are close-fitting, bell-shaped hats that sit snugly on the head. They were fashionable in the 1920s and are often associated with vintage style. Cloche hats can be made from various materials such as felt, straw, or fabric and may feature embellishments like ribbons or brooches.
  5. Turban Hats: Turban hats are characterized by their wrapped or twisted fabric design, which encircles the head. They are often worn for their chic and glamorous appearance and can be made from materials like silk, satin, or velvet. Turban hats may be embellished with jewels, beads, or bows for added sophistication.
  6. Bucket Hats: Bucket hats have a downward-sloping brim and a rounded crown, giving them a casual and relaxed vibe. They are often made from lightweight materials like straw or cotton and are favored for their versatility and comfort.
  7. Berets: Berets are soft, round hats with a flat crown and a small, rolled brim. They originated in France and are known for their chic and artistic style. Berets can be made from various materials such as wool, felt, or knit fabric and are often worn tilted to one side.
Are there certain colors or designs that are considered appropriate for church hats?

While there are no strict rules regarding colors or designs for church hats, certain styles and hues are commonly favored for their appropriateness and elegance in a church setting. Here are some considerations:

  1. Neutral Colors: Neutral tones such as black, white, beige, taupe, or navy are timeless and versatile choices for church hats. These colors complement a wide range of outfits and are often perceived as sophisticated and understated.
  2. Soft Pastels: Soft pastel shades like blush pink, baby blue, lavender, or mint green can add a delicate and feminine touch to church hats. These colors are often associated with springtime and symbolize renewal, purity, and freshness.
  3. Subtle Patterns: Simple, understated patterns such as pinstripes, polka dots, or subtle florals can add visual interest to church hats without overpowering the overall look. Opt for small-scale patterns that complement rather than compete with your outfit.
  4. Classic Designs: Classic hat designs such as wide brim hats, pillbox hats, or fascinators with clean lines and elegant silhouettes are generally well-suited for church wear. These timeless styles exude sophistication and refinement.
  5. Sophisticated Embellishments: Delicate embellishments such as lace trims, satin ribbons, or floral accents can enhance the beauty of church hats without appearing too flashy or ostentatious. Choose embellishments that complement the overall aesthetic of your outfit.
  6. Seasonal Accents: Incorporating seasonal elements such as silk flowers, velvet ribbons, or autumn leaves can add a festive touch to church hats while reflecting the spirit of the season. Just ensure that the accents are tastefully integrated into the design.

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